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Winton Associates has specialised in managing the refurbishment and enhancement of commercial office buildings since its inception in 1978 and continues to provide professional project management and contract administration services for a wide range of commercial office projects including the development, design, construction and reconstruction of commercial buildings.

Having successfully completed many high profile commercial refurbishment projects, most of which have been in fully occupied buildings, Winton Associates not only has an impressive history and reputation for excellence, but also a depth of experience and knowledge that our clients can trust and benefit from.



60 Miller Street, North Sydney


Design, documentation, construction and commissioning of a new 5 storey commercial office building development which included floor integration with an existing 12 storey commercial office tower at the corner of Mount and William Streets, North Sydney.


45 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD


Refurbishment of the 28 storey office building at 45 Clarence Street.

  321 Kent Street, Sydney CBD  

Refurbishment of the 21 storey office building at 321 Kent Street.


44 Market Street, Sydney CBD


Refurbishment of the lift lobbies and amenities at 44 Market Street.


33 Alfred Street, Sydney CBD


Services enhancement and refurbishment of the heritage listed 26 storey 33 Alfred Street building, Sydney – 33,000m2.

  O’Connell House, Sydney CBD  

Refurbishment of the 14 level O’Connell House building at 15-19 Bent Street, Sydney – 12,000m2.


Colonial Centre, Sydney CBD


Lobby reconstruction and refurbishment of the 34 level Colonial Centre at 52 Martin Place, Sydney – 36,000m2.


60 Carrington Street, Sydney CBD


Services replacement, podium and crown addition and refurbishment of the 16 storey 60 Carrington Street building, Sydney – 19,700m2.

  32 Martin Place, Sydney CBD  

Services enhancement, refurbishment and facade replacement for the 12 storey 32 Martin Place building, Sydney – 15,000m2.


50 Bridge Street, Sydney CBD


Services enhancement and refurbishment including the reconstruction and extension of lower level facade, entries and ground floor lobby for the 45 story 50 Bridge Street building, Sydney – 65,000m2.

  OTC Building, Sydney CBD  

Development, design, construction and commissioning of the 16 storey OTC Building at 231 Elizabeth Street, Sydney – 15,000m2.

  Specific project details for a number of our projects are restricted due to Confidentiality Agreement undertakings.  



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