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Winton Associates delivers a wide range of professional project management, engineering and consultancy services to a diverse range of clients in both the public and private sector to deliver effective and comprehensive solutions.


Launched in 1978 Winton Associates services are continually being adapted to optimise results in the ever changing economic, environmental and social climate, progressively developing to meet client and industry needs.


Winton Associates recognises that its success depends entirely on how well it serves its client’s representatives and project stakeholders and how effective it is in inspiring the best from all of the consultants and contractors involved in delivering projects. It has enjoyed controlled growth since its inception and repeat business and referrals are central to that process.


Innovative, risk averse, cost effective, timely, environmentally sustainable and socially aware solutions are features of the services the firm has to offer for the project management of a new development or the enhancement and refurbishment of an occupied city office building, retail or industrial complex, the remediation of a high rise building façade or the delivery of any special purpose installations or facilities.


Adding value and enhanced performance to its clients assets is paramount in Winton Associates’ philosophy and “Thinking Client” is a hallmark of the firms operations.




The services provided by Winton Associates have been progressively developed to meet client and industry needs and are continually being adapted to optimise results in the ever changing economic, environmental and social climate.

Winton Associates provides the following services to its clients in a variety of combinations to suit particular client and project needs.

Development and Refurbishment

  • Site evaluations

  • Assist with preparation of briefs

  • Preparation of notional estimates, budgets and cash flows, evaluation of cost benefits and returns for alternatives and monitoring and control of commitments and expenditure

  • Selection and appointment of consultants

  • Review of concept designs, detailed design and working drawings

  • Assist with selection of form of contract and professional service agreements

  • Assist with preparation of professional services agreements, construction contracts and maintenance agreements

  • Selection and appointment of builders, contractors, suppliers and sub contractors and calling and assessment of tenders

  • Preparation of control programmes and schedules for overall development control, detailed design and documentation, procurement, construction, fitout and commissioning

  • Monitoring of performance of contractors against agreed schedules, identification of potential problem areas and developing and implementing corrective action to meet project objectives

  • Tenancy liaison and co-ordination

Specialised Services

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • Project pathology assessments and development and implementation of corrective action plans

  • Building and engineering systems audits and preparation of action plans to identify refurbishment opportunities, essential maintenance and Building Code of Australia compliance requirements

  • Preparation of tender documents obtaining submissions and assessment of offers for provision of leased premises for intending tenants

  • Preparation and implementation of long term maintenance schedules and programmes for building facades, building finishes, building structures, engineering systems and maintenance equipment

  • Engineering forensics, failure investigations, concrete cancer, corrosion and coating remediation

  • Assessment and determination of construction claims


  • Site investigations

  • Building design and construction

  • Air conditioning systems

  • Smoke extraction, stair pressurisation and ventilation systems

  • Chillers and heat exchangers

  • Boilers and hot water systems

  • Power supply, distribution and lighting installations

  • Switchboards and motor control centres

  • Standby power generation and uninterruptible power supply systems

  • Lifts and escalators

  • Fire control systems, emergency warning and evacuation systems

  • Security systems

  • Building monitoring and control systems (BMCS)

  • Office, restaurant, corporate audio visual and retail fitouts




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